Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taking off.

Getting ideas of the ground and into functional units of gainful productivity is a rather tedious process, littered with disappointment, learning curves, unlearning curves, courage and sugar coated with luck. Or none at all.

I understand that the inventor of the Bic pen had a journey of sorts before finally getting his pen into production. He was turned down at every turn, because since pens were elegant creations, creating disposable ones was like creating disposable Kruger-Rands (any takers...?). Somebody gave him a break - Parker tried to break his spirit - but I'm not sure who it was. The point is it took years to get his genius into the hands of stock takers, secretaries, MD's, children, waiters, petrol attendants, astronaughts (though it failed in space because it relies kinda heavily on gravity to function - hoorah to the Russians who decided to use pencils, rather than spend millions on researching new writing utensils like the Americans did), lawyers (imagine the amounts of money that was signed away by a Bic), you and alas, me.

That brings me to my own journey. Every now and again I get plagued by new ideas for my business. You know what I found to be the most difficult capital to invest into a new venture, even if it is only an extension of current operations? Time.

When you find extra time, send me some. I've got lots of ideas that needs to be brought to life.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's something I've been thinking about lately... excellence and inspiration. I'm not the type of artist/creative that feels the need to EXPRESS myself per se. I find a lot of enjoyment in taking up an assignment and making the ordinary look extraordinary. I'm not a photographer who does a lot of abstract, creative, art photography. I don't know if it's that I lack something to say, but I seldom feel this urge, although I have felt it.

I've been thinking a lot about inspiration. I WANT to express myself a bit more. I fear that I might start losing the ambision to have an edge creatively. For that I need to do some more creative, off the cuff and spontaneous work - JUST FOR ME. Maybe that's the big problem here: my work as a commercial artist revolves around the client's brief and my interpretation. Maybe I just need to kick it once in a while, and not care one bit about what others will think.

I struggle to find things to photograph just for kicks. I then usually get stuck with landscapes and cityscapes - because they are just there! But where is the expression? It reminds me of Henri Cartier-Bresson who said: "No amount of technical skill can compensate for the inability to notice." I'm sometimes hampered by the want for intent and purpose: the image needs to sell this, portray that, will be used in such and such a context. This whole mindset makes me a great teamplayer and commercial artist, but all of us needs and individual edge, don't we? And that is developed through doing our own, something out of nothing, creative stuff. God is a great example of that. Out of nothing- universe. Out of a earth that was formless and empty: terra ferma, fauna and flora, life, humans, art.

Ag well, I'm just going to give it a bash. Try some new STUFF. Just for me. Just for kicks. Be a PASSION ARTIST. No monetary value to the work needed.

Ps: Interesting thing is I don't play cover music. Why this reverse?