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Moving onto the next level

Ever been in a position in your business where you know you need to advance the quality (w.o.w. better-paying, faster-paying) of you clientele. I have very loyal and good clients, but due to the business they run, industries they serve etc, their budgets are not always that big. For me to get a raise doing more work doesn't always sort out the problem, but I need better charge-out rates. As an employee you wait for the next increase or promotion, but with a business its kinda difficult, because price-increases puts you at risk of losing your income. Imagine taking an increase at the risk of losing your job! How do I keep my existing clientele, and get more lucrative jobs? If I go the route of an agent, the clients will by default have bigger clients, but will I get enough work? If I keep on marketing myself, will I ever get the bigger clients? Mmm. What to do what to do.