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Image usage, charging, rights etc.

Well, lately that's come under the spotlight quite a bit among South African photographers and artists. Generally our musician friends have got things right by subscribing to SAMRO, a great organisation administrating the movement of royalties etc.As photographers, we're pretty much left to our own devices, serving such a wide variety of clientele, that most of us don't even know the beginning or the end of what our images are doing, promoting, or what our rights to these images are.For years photographers have been told that "Copyright lies with the commisioner". This means the client owns the images. It seems though, through those who have read the law, that this would mean the FINAL image(s), and not the variations leading to the final selected image. Those remain the property of the photographer. Graphic designers, for instance, don't, to my knowledge, supply all variations of designs to the client, but only the final se…