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Danie, why don't you shoot fashion/girls in bikinis/erotic/chicks?

Any client who has ever asked me to shoot any of the above might've encountered some resistance from me in the form of uncomfortable wigglings, to mmm, not sure if I can, to straight out 'no way Jose''s. Many people assume because you're a photographer, you're in the profession for the same reason as David Bailey who said: "[Fashion] photography gives me what I love most: women, money and photography," or something along those lines. Often I get a wink with a line that goes something like this: 'So you must see some nice honeys, hey?' Apart from the fact that its a bit juvenile, I suppose I can understand the stereotype. However, I thought I'd let you know why I don't, by preference, shoot fashion (ladies), girls in bikinis and the like.In order of importance my priorities are laid out like this:
My faith in God and Christian conviction.
My marriage
My child and family And somewhere after that, you'll find my career, which by the way, is very important to me.As a Christian husband, I don't see how shooting scantily clad girls will improve my testimony to others regarding the Christian viewpoint on women, modesty, marriage, lust etc. Guys generally just assume that if you shoot them, you're probably checking out the menu as well. (Funny that the same people that assume you do this, are the same one who'll say you mustn't be square about it.) Important - I don't see it as a sin to shoot these, I just don't think it beneficial to my Christian testimony, marriage, parenting or mindset. As a Christian I need to keep the highest standards for my mind, thoughts and inclinations. Though I don't by nature walk around lusting, 'perving' or eye-ing women, putting myself in situations that I might tempted to look lustfully at women is contrary to the teachings of Christ, who explains it as adultery in your heart (Matt 5:27-30). Liberal religious arguments tries to find ways around this, but clear Scriptural teaching abound. I choose to follow these, and can see the fruit of it in my life. That by in large is my view on it. Erotic imagery, nudity and imagery portraying and promoting violence, racism, hatred etc, is obviously on my not-to-do list. I have to ask myself as well what my baby-daughter will say when she is 18 one day, seeing her dad shooting 18 year old friends of hers in suggestive settings etc. Again, if your family value does not hold to Christian (Biblical) standard in this regard, it might seem strange to you. However, to me, it makes sense.


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Portrait Shoot: Pierre van Heerden

So a number of years back I did a shoot of Pierre van Heerden, South African actor, musical performer, playwright and comedian, at my old studio. It was just for fun, really. I was exploring some portraiture ideas, for a project I was considering at the time. We had a great time shooting these, exploring some cool ideas as we spent the morning talking rubbish, laughing and drinking coffee.

Fast forward some years later, and he contacted me to do an update of the images, but this time for his book.

The images were meant for publicity purposes, his marketing material and such, but what I want to share here is just some of the expression shots we did once we had those in the bag. Working with an actor in stills is great, as they know their face, they know expressions and have a large selection of facial "skills" to employ for a portrait.

I would simply call out a bunch of emotions/expressions and he would comply each time.

The "30 second portrait" I made is an idea…


Herewith a little video I put together for Creation Wines's leg of Stage 2 of the 2017 ABSA CAPE EPIC MTB Race. #untamed