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The National Braai Day Shoot

So how long does it take to create a national flag out of BRAAIVLEIS, WORS AND PAP???

Well, a meeting of planning, sourcing product, sourcing a prep-stylist, quoting, getting it accepted, styling and shooting..... Latter 1 full day!!

What to do with the food afters? Well, you eat half of it during the shoot, then divide the spoils and also give to those who are needy.

What does the photographer do while they style? Make coffee, fiddle here and there and wait.

Adriaan du Toit of Q-Bit, Jean Nel (Foodie) and Moi spent that time doing this shot for a campaign of the most noble intentions: Getting people to braai. Remember 24 Sept 2007 is National Braai Day, so you'd better be braaing.

Look at for this poster at your local Pick n Pay store soon!

Trying to tell you more about what happens at shoots

A lot of people aren't totally aware of what goes on at a shoot, and how it all works. This is understandable, as not a lot of people actually ever get to go on one. So I thought I'd start a serious of posts on different shoots I've done in the past with pics (Still figuring out how to upload any!). Hold your breath so long!

Sitting in a coffeeshop

How much work gets done in a coffeeshop? I retouched Desidarius Pongracz sparkling wine images, did RAW conversions on a prosthesis shoot, checked emails, did banking and wrote a delivery note, all the while having Hindu Chai tea and a banana muffin.

I think coffeeshops are the best kept secret in truly effective people's lives. You get your fix, look professional, do work, and manage not to feel alone and cut off from civilization as I do at times working alone in my studio. It's just a shame about the music sometimes. At the moment I'm exposed to a form of house-music that could've stayed at home.

I also read in coffeeshops. I've often done studies in a coffeeshop. A coffeeshop is a place of meeting, working, eating and drinking. I like coffeeshops.