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End of year...

Well, the season is upon us and it is indeed a time of rest..., but not before all deadlines are set 2 weeks earlier, all magz need to be put out in half-time to make up for printer's holidays, and get the bumper issues out plus all the end of year things that keep us busy. You gotta love it. If you don't you're probably in the wrong game.

I'm looking forward to a great holiday in the balmy Mpumalanga region and then to the breezy West Coast for the second half of the holiday. For photographers however (me, especially), this does not mean putting down the camera, but rather turning it on my enivironment, family, self and just letting myself loose. I never holiday from my camera, it is what I do. It is such a natural extension of myself, that I cannot but take pictures. I see to much, think too much, do too much, feel too much to just switch off. I just switch gears, or cars!

You must have a fantastic time this Christmas. I will! I'm as always on my cell, mail etc, so…