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Shooting the WINE Jan 08 Cover

Ok, so it's a "making off" entry again:

What seems like a cool day at the beach, was a windy south-easter day, hot!!!, and sandy. Anybody's who's been at Milnerton beach, over lunch, early December, can testify to the general weather conditions. To get that angle on a shot, it means you're lying flat on your stomach to see through the viewfinder, eating sand, and shielding your eyes from sand traveling at you at 40km/h. Trying to keep perspex upright can be a challenge!! Just after spraying the bottle with some water to create the fresh droplets, a gust of sand would leave it looking grimy. Time to wipe it off again. Luckily it all turned out well. Art director Taryn shown in the pic and the final. Sorry for horrid scan, but it's the only one I have on hand!

The brief was "fashion" flash with drop-out background lighting. It needed to look summery, yet "fashiony". This meant having studio flash on the beach, so I opted for the Profoto II…

Up and at em

I'll be in full swing from Wednesday 9 Jan. It has been a great break, less photography than I expected, but a good creative break. Did some abseiling, some surfing (if you call near death experiences in waist deep water surfing), lotsa reading and generally tried really hard not to think about work and the like. Well, now that I'm back home, these things have a tendency to just creep back into your mind, so I'm ready for the new year that lies ahead.

This year I have NO new years resolutions, just like last year, since my resolutions only start taking shape around March. I tend to set my resolutions according to the Financial Year Calendar! Not that I'm a NY Resolution fan. I think you should decide whenever to do whatever. So far I'm just planning to have a great year.

C u around.