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Yup, on 19 Feb 2008, Daniel John Nel was born at 7:40am. Apart from his initial cry of freedom, he has proven a chilled little man, fabulously good looking, and really just perfect.

I'll be back in the office on Monday, 25 Feb 08, to make beautiful images! Look forward to seeing you soon.

Winemakers, remember, you might need some harvest images before it's all over!


I've been a defender of the Eskom view of the current energy crisis in Cape Town and SA, and I still advocate that one should take a holistic view of the development, handing over and pre-1994 issues relating to a new democracy, keeping everyone happy, figuring out how to run a country, build 3.2 million houses, facilitate 6% economic growth, try and stamp out crime and manage not to have civil war and retribution after 300 years of oppression (latter being quite amazingly well accomplished) and still acquire skills and leadership to keep a satisfactory level of BEE status to keep the new democracy real (and not simply perceived in the eyes of the previously disadvantaged), explain to a cabinet (that didn't listen a couple of years ago to the plea for funding, manage to become semi-privatised, show profit for the shareholders and manage to keep the power=supply adequite when uninformed greenies (I'm green too, but try and manage perspective) makes it near impossible to bui…


My new website went live over the weekend:

Check out the brand-new layout and design, updated and new portofolios/books, including Wine and Related, Automotive and Music imagery.

As always supplies you with affordable, direct downloadable images. Currently brand new SA people images are up and new product is uploaded daily.

Please check out the site!!

I played a gig!

For the first time and 4 years I played a gig. Many photographer are muso's also (the artistic drive...), and so it brings me a lot of joy to have another medium of creative release. This is however all for fun, and probably also explains my love for shooting music photography (check my new webpage, and the music images on there).

It was a great night out and I'm very pleased. Go check on to learn more, and to listen to some of my music.