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Guest photographers at weddings

This is the view many photographers are faced with when they arrive to shoot a wedding. 300 digital cameras of various sizes and incarnations waiting to set off your synced lights, show up in the background of 80% of your pics (the tripod legs in the back are not mine - the owner thought it wise to set up his tripod in the isle for most of the service, push me out of the way and ask me to make way...). It's not my most favourite past time to remind people that I'm paid to be in attendance, and thus I have certain rights of movement.

Luckily, as a pro photographer, one of the traits of professionalism, is the ability to deal with man in its various incarnations, without upsetting guests or the host, with much humour and even more patience!

Svenmill 2

Well, in Feb this year I did a shoot again for Svenmill Fabrics LTD. Compare the pic to last time we did a shoot

This time they opted for location, less product and a little less stress for the photographer! At this point we were shooting outside, and the rain had just started dripping down, hence the screen over the camera. For your Strobist fans, you might or might not be able to spot small little flashes sitting in the shot, just lifting the fabric from the background, and a little AMITY flash to trigger the others (radio triggers don't always work that well in the bright SA light).

Wallpapers to download

Wiel Mag has made a couple of my images available for download as wallpapers. Download for free!

Wiel - Hummer 3 - Hennie Bosman

When I was asked to shoot Shihan Hennie Bosman (highest qualified karateka outside of Japan in Kyokushin Karate, 8th Dan) and the Hummer 3 for a short feature, with no brief, except a location, I knew it was going to be interesting. I was basically told to do something action-orientated (Hennie has done stunt-work with the likes of Wesley Snipes and JC van Damme), and just go to x location and get back with pics ASAP.

With no budget for Propak 7IIB's, and the shoot being set-up for midday, I turned to my trusty polariser to get the mood and went ahead to just play with a very willing Hennie. Brett Hamilton, who wrote the feature, tagged along to hold a reflector, and to represent the mag and make sure I don't totally go wild. (He is a really able reflector holder and has earned the title of Le Gaffer)

After making Hennie do kicks from the bonnet of the car, jumping on the roof, awarding it a black-belt (I know...), screaming, making faces, driving the car through mud and having …

Christian & Jane

I had the priviledge to shoot Christian Eedes and Jane Ferreira's wedding at Klein Optenhorst in Wellington on 9 Feb. It was a balmy Boland afternoon, with drops of rain cooling the guests down and creating a great atmosphere.

Having been shooting for Wine Magazine a year or so, it was great to also be able to shoot Christian (now appointed as editor!) and Jane's wedding. Here are some odd samples.