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Another cover for Wiel

As I was writing the previous post I recalled last year's cool April cover of the Total Rally Toyota RunX owned by JP Damseaux. In this case a very symetrical front-on studio shot of the car was snipped in 2 for these collector's item covers. It's also a nice way to get people to buy 2 copies of the mag!

Do not be fooled: it didn't take 5 minutes to shoot this pic, but we did get some time to shoot some extras for the 4 page feature inside..., and revel in hearing the engine being started up, and revved for our pleasure.

It's then quite a coincidence that I would drive past this car yesterday on the Sir Lowrey's Pass, outside Somerset West (on my way back from shooting apples in Grabouw), where it was undergoing some tests, or just being driven for fun by its owner presumably.

For you petrol heads go check out the car's specs HERE.

Wiel April 2008 Covers


The art director at Wiel came up with a cool idea for the April issue of Wiel this year. As it was their 30th anniversary issue, something needed to be done that showed they've got a track record, it's an exciting mag and they're fast, furious, and seriously funky. As the mag's cover is printed using web-printing (not internet-web) technology, it allows to run 3 different cover designs of the same print-run. It was decided that the 30th issue will have 3 different covers, with different colours, and slightly different photos, yet the same in style. This is seriously cool if you're into collecting magz. Go to Wiel to subscribe to this great publication.

We ended up shooting against a black studio wall, with my smoke machine (yup, I have one) doing the honours to create the sense of screetching tyres and lotsa gels and about 2 studio flashes and 4 little flashes off-camera for hi-lites and colour filling. The tread on the ground is real, and not photoshopped in after…

Pixel Wars!

At the Durbanville HIlls Harvest Festival, myself and Hannes Thiart,, engaged in some friendly pixel warfare! we met here for the first time and had a good chat about film/digital, Canon/Nikon, full-frame, lenses, strobist, Philadelphia SA living and the buggers who built the ugly houses in the new extension, etc etc. Always good to run into other shooters.