Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another cover for Wiel

As I was writing the previous post I recalled last year's cool April cover of the Total Rally Toyota RunX owned by JP Damseaux. In this case a very symetrical front-on studio shot of the car was snipped in 2 for these collector's item covers. It's also a nice way to get people to buy 2 copies of the mag!

Do not be fooled: it didn't take 5 minutes to shoot this pic, but we did get some time to shoot some extras for the 4 page feature inside..., and revel in hearing the engine being started up, and revved for our pleasure.

It's then quite a coincidence that I would drive past this car yesterday on the Sir Lowrey's Pass, outside Somerset West (on my way back from shooting apples in Grabouw), where it was undergoing some tests, or just being driven for fun by its owner presumably.

For you petrol heads go check out the car's specs HERE.

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