Monday, April 07, 2008

Pixel Wars!

At the Durbanville HIlls Harvest Festival, myself and Hannes Thiart,, engaged in some friendly pixel warfare! we met here for the first time and had a good chat about film/digital, Canon/Nikon, full-frame, lenses, strobist, Philadelphia SA living and the buggers who built the ugly houses in the new extension, etc etc. Always good to run into other shooters.


Anonymous said...

'allo Danie! Weird how a little accidental meet can influence one's future...since going off on the subject of that ridiculous creativity-numbing DX-format with you (in my case for over 4 years!), I went out and bought the new full-frame Nikon D3 and Nikkor 24-70 f2.8! What a turbo-blast of emotions that went thru' me when I started up this baby! I haven't been the same since I changed over from Nikon F5 and film yonks ago after leaving the Cape Argus as photojournalist... the damage that the DX-format sensor did to my photography-psyche was immense... small dark (night-clubbish) viewfinder, outrageous back-focus problems and then the ultimate insult, multiplying your lens focal length by 1.5! I was close to throwing in the towel as my juices were just depressed and drained. Felt like a surgeon that had to use a tin-opener to operate on patients! So, thanks to you, Danie, for that refreshing chat we had at DH wines... now the Koning is alive and kicking ass again! Changing the subject, had a chat to Andrew Ingram at Argus today and we spoke of how we had enough of these Technicon shitter-snappers running around town working for buck-saving pr companies with their digital cameras shooting on machine-gun mode without any photo knowledge of depth of field, composition or exposure, a sort of hit and miss (more miss by the looks on their faces!) as they spent most of their assignment time staring at the cameras lcd screen as they scroll through their millions of mishaps… uh… snaps! Hannes Thiart

Danie said...

Congrats Hannes! I'm sure getting the full-frame-freedom is going to set you right back on track. It would be a bit like getting a new DSLR with a frame format like 645! Now I'm going to tell you something that'll make you puke: I spoke to a photographer the other day who got his Nikon D3 CO-SPONSORED by Nikon!!!!! He simply wrote them, and they said, ok! I'm sure your bank account just heaves when it hears things like that!

On the snappers running around... yup, I know. In all industries there is that element. They mess up the market etc etc, but I comfort myself in the knowledge that cream rises to the top!

Look forward to seeing some of your new work with the D3!