Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wiel April 2008 Covers


The art director at Wiel came up with a cool idea for the April issue of Wiel this year. As it was their 30th anniversary issue, something needed to be done that showed they've got a track record, it's an exciting mag and they're fast, furious, and seriously funky. As the mag's cover is printed using web-printing (not internet-web) technology, it allows to run 3 different cover designs of the same print-run. It was decided that the 30th issue will have 3 different covers, with different colours, and slightly different photos, yet the same in style. This is seriously cool if you're into collecting magz. Go to Wiel to subscribe to this great publication.

We ended up shooting against a black studio wall, with my smoke machine (yup, I have one) doing the honours to create the sense of screetching tyres and lotsa gels and about 2 studio flashes and 4 little flashes off-camera for hi-lites and colour filling. The tread on the ground is real, and not photoshopped in afters. We had to paint a Opel Zafira OPC's tyre black and roll it back with a stencil on the tyre to create the 30. The colours are not PS'ed in after either, and needed to be shot as is seen in final. To get smoke, light and bio-wizards to work seamlessly takes patience, misfires, patience, quick hands, misfires and some more patience. Then you get it right.

After about 4 hours of work, shooting, laying out, etc etc, we came up with these 3 covers that we're very proud of.

Team: Art Dir - JP (aka Romario Sanchez), Photographer - Danie Nel, Design & PS - Elgee Strauss

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