Saturday, June 07, 2008

Position filled!

I appointed an assistant! Congratulations to Jeremy Puren who will be working with me from 1 July 2008. Jeremy is a BA Arts major with a solo exhibition under his belt already. More on the new addition once he is here. Other applicants: feel free to leave your details on the comments (click on 0/1/3/comments) page for others to grab your details.


Aurelio said...

Hi Danie,
im one of your blog stalkers and
I'd love to work for you, but Im currently in Germany. Im in the 4th term of my studies in photography and design. Im coming to CapeTown in July and would love to see how photographers work in RSA!
Im a Strobist, Lightroom, Marketing and Blog geek and just want to learn as much as possible :-)
Do you think it is possible for me to meet with you, maybe even help out for a day or so? Just as a "fly on the wall"?
Thanks so much
Im happy to give more details by Email.

Danie said...

@aurelio: no worries, drop me a line when you're here. My contact details are on my homepage

Danie said...

Im a student at City Varsity, Kloof street and i am looking for an
> assistent job for a photographer. If posible, could i send you a CV if you
> are interested.
> Thanks for your time
Adriaan Louw

Danie said...


Ruan Smit is available.