Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've recently stumbled across the everyday project by Noah Kalina. Noah is a commercial photographer in Brooklyn, NY, USA. The project is a collection of 2356 self-portraits taken on successive days. With other words, 6 YEARS! He then compiled it into a video and has since been nominated for a YOUTUBE award, and received 9 and a half million views to date! I found the video oddly fascinating, intriguing and somehow disturbing. I think it is one of the best photo projects ever. The photography is secondary - turn the camera around and snap - but the idea and the sheer dedication to the project is inspiring. Check this out. Video below.

Shortly after I was asked to shoot some self-portraits for a contributors page for Food&Home Entertaining Magazine (story on Albert Roux at Armajaro/Vondeling Estates - check August 08 issue).

Well, I've always had pics of myself on shoots where I did light-tests, like my blog header, but I seldom shoot myself. (Strobists and technophiles - I use a generic Cactus remote to my 5D. You can use the Canon one, but the difference is about R2k, although the Cactus does fail now and again! Check my bag for details).

I had about 10 minutes so I set up a single flash from almost 80 deg overhead (a Electra 750W) with a dog-bowl (bare bulb reflector), hence the hard shadows. I don't like to come across as someone who comes across as too serious about myself, so I just used a couple of my everyday (no pun intended) expressions. Hence I came up with the piccies below. I used channel mixer with red channel at 100% and some selective masking and blurring to create the rail-camera movement effect on one.

Anyways, drop your comments. Would like to hear what you think of shooting yourself.

Ps - yes, I did feel like an idiot making faces at my camera all alone in my studio.

PPS- as much as I appreciate you emailing me your comments, rather post them on the 0 comments below, or open the post in a new window and drop them in the comment box, because I'd like others to see your valuable input. 

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