Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introduction to Jeremy Purèn

As promised, I will introduce the new face at Danie Nel Photography. Some of you might've met him already, while on a shoot, or a delivery, or tearing down the highway on the studio's yellow Vuka.

_MG_9244 lo-res He is pictured here while reflecting on a shoot recently. Jeremy's job description is digital asset manager/assistant photographer, but he does a heck of a lot more. The workflow at the studio has been streamlined, a day at the studio is less lonely, and generally we just have a load of fun. Oh, and my beverage intake has quadrupled.

Jeremy is a BA Arts graduate, with a penceant for stop-motion/stills-animation film-making, installations and generally BIG ideas. He has recently been featured on an episode of Headwrap  on SABC1 for a collaboration with a traditional Venda potter in Limpopo.

These days the sounds that permeat the studio are that of Fleetwood Mac, Electric Light Orchestra mixed with my own eclectic collecion of Van der Want/Letcher, Dave Matthews Band and also, us jamming on the guitar in the studio. Sometimes he'll grab the guit and knock out some open-tuning vibes while I hit the spoons, or I'll grab the guit and he'll tackle some form of percussion and loudly exclaim now and again in Afrikaans: "Mal!".

So it's all good fun these days. And lotsa hard work.

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