Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've not been very active on the blog lately, mainly because we've been fairly busy, I've contracted pleuritis (haven't missed a day of work) and had some extensive chiropractic treatment for a back I managed to mess up a bit while picking up a toolbox. Also, Jeremy and I have been getting the studio up to scratch, I've been training him in the ways of the DNP method, and and and.

I've promised to put up some piccies of the two of us at work, and Jeremy's been working on a short video compilation of our goings on, which includes shooting up the winelands, shooting the Mercedes S320 CDI at Propaganda Studios, stuffing our faces and drinking totally unbuyably expensive brandy at an Alchemy of Gold food and brandy pairing at Geisha Restaurant, etc etc. But I haven't gotten around to it. And I won't quite today, but soon!

So what am I up to now? Meeting clients at a coffeeshop, doing some shopping for the studio and then back to the studio for some retouching and then to home (half-day - doctor's orders).

Since appointing Jeremy as my digital asset manager/assistant photographer life at DNP Studio has been much more efficient, streamlined, filled with fun and honestly, better work. Having someone to carry the load of the usual business carry-ons (deliveries, retouching etc), enables me to really focus on my work, ideas and giving you even better final product.

Anyways, watch this space as we'll be posting behind-the-scenes images of our shoots shortly. Also, expect a formal introduction to the work and mind of Jeremy.

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