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Elopers - Michael & Jasmin

A month or 2 ago (sorry, I'll be posting some belated, but interesting projects as well, from time to time), Michael & Jasmin got married at the Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa. (They're in good company as Richard Gere (or company at least), is currently filming his latest offering there among other places.) Well, at, is not an accurate description, but rather, in, and more specifically; at the top. 33 meters up a circular stairway, next to a lamp that will take me from caucasian to roughly Pantone Firetruck Red in a glance.

All this is still fun, you see, as I don't mind heights, and I have done jobs up there before, and I like different locations. And I'm not indifferent to the odd European elopers who wish to get married in our fair town. Weddings are a creative break for me, and I find focusing on these small, intimate weddings keep my interest in creative, thinking-on-your-feet shooting, without the hassles of big wedding drama etc. I still do the odd local wedding, but prefer these, as the total production and turn-around for such a wedding is 3 days, versus months of a local wedding.

Michael and Jasmin, if memory serve correctly are residing in London, but are German by passport. Most of these couples are German, Austrian or Swiss, as my agent focuses on these. I often sign as witness as well.

Anyways, below are some happy snaps from the day including a pic of Jonty Acton, videographer ( , who just happens to be very indifferent to heights, i.e. he has some vertigo issues. We made sure he was safely secured to his spot in the top mezzenine, before the rest of us commenced with our different tasks. Rob (the marriage officer) to marry them, Christiane ( being the agent and hanging onto the ladder, Michael and Jasmine to say "i do" and myself to take ravishing pics.

M&J_013 M&J_015 M&J_108

The black and white image of the tower was taken as an after-thought, and has since been printed on canvas and hung from my brother's entertainment room wall. The effects on the image include a really funky infra-red type action and some other thingies.

M&J_210 M&J_222ii

As you can see though, good fun accompanies good work. Whenever you are in the area, go and have a peak at the beautiful view of Kommetjie and the South Peninsula, ask some questions and try to go up the stairs, all the way to the top, in one breath!


Anonymous said…
Thanks boet for the pic... stunning!

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