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Danie Nel Photography logs off for the year 2008!

This is a video Jeremy put together, initially as a prezzy for me, but we ended up adding some pics just to round the video off. It's 8min long, so normally I'm not that bandwidth insensitive, but once a year should be fine. It's kinda lo-res to keep you speedy. The intro is in Afrikaans, but basically Jeremy just say welcome, thanx me for the oppurtunity to work there....,and that's it!2008 has been a fantastic ride, the best year business-wise, in the last 8/9 years of operation. At times I was booked up to 5 weeks and more in advance. When Jeremy started, things started becoming less manic in some ways, a little more crazy in others, as you'll notice in the video. To all my clients, thank you so much for the loyal support. My very first client ever, when I was still a photography student, still occupied my studio a couple of days this year! To all the others, my suppliers, colleagues and supporters, thank you so much for a great year. I hope the holidays rejuven…

My Week Dec 2008 Photolog

I've had the good fortune of being asked by my client, MyWeek Magazine, to submit a photolog of a "day-in-the-life-of" As you can imagine it was a bit strange having a camera on me all day, with my wife, Jeremy and myself taking pics all day long of my mundane doings. Anyways, below is the photolog as it appears, otherwise, if you're in the Northern 'burbs of Cape Town, you'll find a free copy at select restaurants and most malls. Click on the pic to see the big version.