Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reuben Riffel and Pieter and Ann Ferreirra @ Graham Beck

I recently shot a "chef in my kitchen" or "mystery kitchen" for the chef or however you like to view it, for Good Taste Magazine.

Find the article at the link below, with pics.


It is the second in this series of articles I've shot for Good Taste Magazine.

See my previous shots and video:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Healthy Family Meals

Ok, admittedly not the most gripping of titles for a book, but functional, as is this book. For us plebs in the kitchen, with lives, kids, jobs and all sorts to juggle, some help is needed. This is where this book came in. In terms of cookbooks, it is text heavy, but understandably so, so were able to shoot this in 3 days flat.

The team consisted of me, Susan Basson (styling and food prep) and various assistants she employed for the basic food preps. Tania de Kock published on behalf of NB. This shoot happened about a year ago, but as with books of this nature, it spends about a year or more in production. This morning I received my comp copies! I'm happy with it, as although text intense, the images just balances the book nicely.

It is also the 3rd book Shot in my studio, as opposed to location, the previous being David Biggs' series on cocktails, and another book on stretching (that would be like excercise).

Below some moments from the book.

    ChineseVis0009 The Team: Susan's Assistant, Susan Basson, Me (Strobists: note the Vivitar 225 with optical slave right corner, Amity far right of table, little pawn shop slave light next to fixitive spray can, flood light left top (for style light - no effect in pic), Visatec 300 with shoot through, Electra 800 on background as main back light, Vivtar with 80x80 softbox as main fill-light. For this exposure however it was on us, not the food.

 NB0132 The studio and goings on.