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Stock Image Shoot with Rhu

Stock photography is a growing part of my commercial photography mix, and even in stock I'm spread over a couple of avenues, RM, RF collections through Gallo/Getty and then my own portal (amazing RF prices and images - with regional South African relevance!) . Soon you'll be able to start ordering some of my own projects for prints. This particular shoot was to be images for Gallo/Getty first and foremost and then also some peripheral imagery for My model for the day was Rhulani, who also happens to be a mate of mine and Jeremy's,...which also meant we were gonna  get a little silly. Rhu's day-job is in the stock-market, as in futures and bonds and things, not stock photography, but he has a natural charisma that makes him a very suitable stock model.
I needed to build out my business and business-lifestyle portfolio a bit for stock, so we set about on a fairly windy summer's day to the Mouille Point Promenade, here in Cape Town.…

Steffen & Lara's Wedding - Table Mountain

The location, Jeremy with boom, Walter preaching and the couple...marrying?  On the way up - check the dude in the back! Normally Jeremy would do that!The team (less Walter). Jeremy, Lara, Steffen, MeThe mainstay of my business is editorial and advertising photography, and I choose it that way. I've done more than a hundred weddings in the last 5 years, but in terms of weddings I focus on these tourist/destination weddings. Why? Well, normally it happens in and around office-hours, seldom on weekends (I have children and would like to see them grow up). Also, these are exciting, small projects with excited people, no guests, phenomenal world-class locations, and creative license. The latter is a big factor for me, as weddings allow me to go a bit photojournalistic, as I don't get the opportunity in commercial work that often.Steffen is a lawyer in Germany, and his wife is a stewardess for Lufthansa, and she introduced him to South Africa. They thus decided to get married he…

Things Break

Sometimes clients wonder why we make a big deal of our overhead costs. To them you simply take a camera (that in their mind you buy once a decade, not every 2 years as is the norm for me), take pictures and all the money goes to your pocket. Well, if only!The above picture was a relatively small breakage, that left my strobe fairly intact and a only a broken brolly and dog-bowl shaper. I was able to fix the dog-bowl, but the brolley is gonners.  The strobe started acting strange shortly after and left me down about a week later. More repairs.Since January this year I have had to replace 5 brolleys. Late last year my 24-105mm F4 L-series fried the aperture control circuitry. 4 weeks without my lens and a lot of money I was back in business. I had to repair 3 strobes since end last year. Soon a camera upgrade is due - R40 000. Shortly before a new set of location strobes). End last year a soft-box gave up the ghost due to simple hard graft for 5 years - another couple of thousand. Last …

Remember Noah Kalina's "Everyday" project?

There is a guy who's been at it longer even than him, by 2 years. Noah is in his 9th year, which would put JK Keller at about 11. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, just check JK Keller's video and then Noah Kalina, who has become world famous for his version of the project.
Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from c71123 on Vimeo. This is commitment.

What's up with

Apart from my commissioned work, I keep an archive of stock images, all RF, that I sell from my own stock label . Now, I supply among others to Getty/Gallo Images, istockphoto (owned by Getty anyways) and then nelimages. I've recently chatted to a stock agency in Germany interested in taking some of my collection onto their books. However, is where I call the shots. What I enjoy most about my own collection here is the regional relevance of the images. The African models here are really African, more specifically South African. That is hard to find in any other major stock agency. The food is from here. The landscapes and scapes and general are from here. The needs are from here,  as the images are often sourced from older commercial work where I own the copyright. Apart from that, the site is rather nifty with key-word searchability, light-boxes, emailing of selection etc etc etc. I paid some good money for this thing! You can register/subscribe to the…