Monday, February 16, 2009

Steffen & Lara's Wedding - Table Mountain

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20081105_097lr  The location, Jeremy with boom, Walter preaching and the couple...marrying? 

pics from phone 047 On the way up - check the dude in the back! Normally Jeremy would do that!

20081105_292The team (less Walter). Jeremy, Lara, Steffen, Me

The mainstay of my business is editorial and advertising photography, and I choose it that way. I've done more than a hundred weddings in the last 5 years, but in terms of weddings I focus on these tourist/destination weddings. Why? Well, normally it happens in and around office-hours, seldom on weekends (I have children and would like to see them grow up). Also, these are exciting, small projects with excited people, no guests, phenomenal world-class locations, and creative license. The latter is a big factor for me, as weddings allow me to go a bit photojournalistic, as I don't get the opportunity in commercial work that often.

Steffen is a lawyer in Germany, and his wife is a stewardess for Lufthansa, and she introduced him to South Africa. They thus decided to get married here, in Cape Town. KapEvent (Cape Town wedding agent) commissioned me and we started the 3 hours affair at a guest-house in Camp's Bay for the legalities and signing. After that it was up to the top of Table Mountain in the Cable Car and then to a secret little spot Walter (the wedding facilitator) knew of.

Now, the problem with shooting on locations such as these are that often people think the photos are doctored, cuz how the heck can you get to locations like that? do. If you're in Cape Town, it sort of becomes a bit mundane....ehehe, no, now I'm just kidding. We appreciate it as much as everyone else most of the time.

Up on the mountain it was hard to keep the tourist's curiosity at bay, with flashing lights and Jeremy holding a flash on a boom over the couple. But in the end, it was private enough. After about 2 hours of shooting and having some creative fun we had enough material, and we could venture down to the foot of the mountain.

So - Cape Town is definitely the place to elope to. You've got the mountain, the sea, the views, good food and wine, and Jeremy and me. ;)

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