Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stock Image Shoot with Rhu

Stock photography is a growing part of my commercial photography mix, and even in stock I'm spread over a couple of avenues, RM, RF collections through Gallo/Getty and then my own portal (amazing RF prices and images - with regional South African relevance!) . Soon you'll be able to start ordering some of my own projects for prints.

This particular shoot was to be images for Gallo/Getty first and foremost and then also some peripheral imagery for My model for the day was Rhulani, who also happens to be a mate of mine and Jeremy's,...which also meant we were gonna  get a little silly. Rhu's day-job is in the stock-market, as in futures and bonds and things, not stock photography, but he has a natural charisma that makes him a very suitable stock model.

I needed to build out my business and business-lifestyle portfolio a bit for stock, so we set about on a fairly windy summer's day to the Mouille Point Promenade, here in Cape Town. Jeremy was as always ready for action and acting, as the images will show.

After about 2 hours of running around looking business-like, we felt it was enough and let Rhu get back to his flight to JHB.

Strobist info: 580 EX II (bare), 430 EX (bare), 2 stands, Elinchrom Skyports, 5D. Jeremy hand-held the stands when shooting over the water, to be able to get light coming from the seaside.

PS - due to usage constraints and exclusivity clauses, I can't publish much of the final shots, except one of those I've kept for .


20081127_175lr Yeah Baby - click to see enlarged image on

20081127_088Shooting yourself is an easy quick way to see the light set-up perform and build-up a definitive collection of self-portraits. 24mm for maximum distortion and awkward looking expressions. I'm planning a on location self-portrait exhibition online (c'mon, who's gonna come see it in a gallery?).

 20081127_161   20081127_209  My man Jeremy... Acrobat-assistant and general assistance in fun are his fortes. He's also not half-bad in the RAW workflow department and he has some serious stamina. He also makes tea non-stop, so your diaretic in-take quadruples in his presence.

20081127_178... now and again assistants need to be brought into line as Rhu demonstrates... Labour-laws are a bit sketchy in the production industry currently. This particular incident had to do with Jeremy not fetching something quick enough, or making snide remarks about the model or throwing pebbles at seagulls. You tend to forget the details.


20081127_162 Rhu and me looking rather cool. Or not.


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