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Food at Jenny Morris

Recently we did a 2 day shoot at Jenny Morris's Giggling Gourmet's Playground. The client was Catapult Advertising for Swartland Wines.The team consisted of Jenny Morris, the Giggling Gourmet herself, Brita du Plessis, food stylist, Jennifer, food assistant, Morne Botha, chef, myself and Jeremy as the photography contingent and Michelle van Staden for Catapult as art director and Suzanne Van Dyk for Swartland. As I can't say too much about the yummy food or the images themselves, all I can say is that it was a mad couple of days, with lotsa laughter, great creative synergy and really good food. This was one of those shoots where one it just became clear to me again that if you want to be a pompous, arrogant, difficult, controlling, self-absorbed, angry photographer, Cape Town is not your market. You might get away with it on big budget productions facilitated here, but you're not going to be making a living as a Cape Town based artist. In the creative environment good …

OK, I can brag a bit

As some of you might know, I dabble in music as a songwriter and recording artist. The aim is not to make a living from it, but definitely to get some good tunes out there. It is therefore that I am very proud to announce that my tune "Morning" was picked/voted as Garageband ( 's TRACK OF THE DAY 11 March 2009 - ACOUSTIC GENRE. This is a biggish deal... they have thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of songs on rotation.To view, click on the badge:As you can imagine, I'm very chuffed with this. The last recognition I got was from 2 years ago for #8 on their charts for Mercury River, and Harde Hout at #17 before that.Go and have a listen!

Assistant Position

It's that time again. Jeremy will very sadly be leaving Danie Nel Photography to endeavour into the fields of art in which he trained. He will be sadly missed, but that is how things go. We have had a load of fun, done some exciting work together and I'm glad I'll be seeing him regularly at church and also in the industry.Now, the problem is that with such a cool assistant leaving he has left a gap that needs to be filled, but finding somebody to match his skills and enthusiasm will be hard... So who is up to the task?I "re-publish" my initial ad that I placed upon which I appointed Jeremy. Position is available from 1 April.Here goes the ad:I'm employing an assistant/digital asset manager. That's geekspeak for someone who'll need to manage my digital workflow (Adobe CS3 - you'll be getting to know RAW 4.3 really well), image archive and stock image collection, take some of the deliveries of my hands, help on shoots (you must be able to carry gear…