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At Ronnie's Sex Shop

Now, for those who are not familiar with this institution would frown immediately and then start wondering about the morality of yours truly. For those aware of this institution, but virtue of either visiting it on the R62 between Barrydale and Ladysmith, or reading about it in pretty much anything from Conde Nast Traveler to Getaway to Weg, you probably just smirked. Recently, on my way to a shoot for Wine in Calitzdorp (a nice 850km round-trip plus shoot in a day), I had the oppurtunity to see the place for myself. Some short history on the weird name and what it is. It's a bar. A very normal, slightly grotty, little pub in the middle of nowhere, just plonked down. Ronnie owns this piece of soil, and decided to open "Ronnie's Shop". His mates, one night after a drunken debate, decided that Ronnie's store would need some marketing impetus, and decided to paint in "sex" on his signage on the building. Well, the skidmarks, and evidences of hasty u-tu…

A moment like this

This is a short post about a sweet little moment on my brother's wedding. I was designated MC for the day, and graciously given the day off photography-wise, and I was asked to write and perform a song for them at the ceremony.Well, I had the verse and chorus, but had to freestyle verses 2 and 3 on the spot (it goes like that sometimes, but since it's an original, nobody knows whether what you're singing is right or not). The song went down well, in fact, so well, that my little daughter who was the flower girl, decided to run up to the pulpit, grab me by the leg (now, I'm "Lank" concentrating on freestylin' some lyrics) and then proceeded to dance in front of the pulpit for a while, before sauntering off-stage back to mom. Pic: Duane DentonWell, one thing is for certain, these little kiddies keeps you on your toes. As a photographer you wish for these little moments, as a performer, you appreciate them in hind-sight.

I get around

First off - the assistant position has been filled. After about 60 CV's, 300 hits on my ad at Gumtree and numerous queries, I have appointed a new assistant. He will be revealed 1 May 2009... What I realized is 2-fold: There are youngsters out there with some mad photography skills (I went solo age 21... I know the feeling of apprehension, despite having the skills), and  the market is depressed. It's depressing finding that freelancers who've been eeking it out for 3 to 4 years, suddenly has to start applying for junior positions to pay some bills. To those applicants and individuals I have one word: RESPECT. You're heroes, just keep going. I had to waiter tables in my first year to stay alive. God bless your efforts.Then just a little post on getting around - some images from my shoots - just self-portraits (often taken as light tests). Levi's Shoot at Studio. Jeremy behind me. Me and JP at Wiel Coverhoot, Klipheuwel. Taking a shot at Bouchard Finlayson, Herm…

Bronx Shoes Billboard Shoot

If you're passing Gugulethu Taxi Rank's way, or JHB Taxi Rank, you will notice a 6x9m billboard with a Bronx ad on it. Above is the Gugs one  and the Jozi one.Now, if you've wondered what goes into shooting something like this, well here goes.Client: Bronx ShoesAgency: Traffic Integrated Marketing - Danie Nel Photography - and Design: Bianca at Traffic Integrated MarketingModel: Bobby Roache - Base Models - www.basemodelagency.comThe concept was of a guy sitting perched somewhere, so one can see a Afro-entric urban landscape in the background, dramatically lit. The product shots of shoes (I shot those later in studio) would then be dropped onto the image along with copy, logo's and catchline. Also, a JHB skyline, shot by another photographer, would be dropped into one of the shots for the JHB billboard.SO:First you quote and get approval and get that out of the way. Then you go for a recce mission to get a …