Monday, April 20, 2009

A moment like this

This is a short post about a sweet little moment on my brother's wedding. I was designated MC for the day, and graciously given the day off photography-wise, and I was asked to write and perform a song for them at the ceremony.

Well, I had the verse and chorus, but had to freestyle verses 2 and 3 on the spot (it goes like that sometimes, but since it's an original, nobody knows whether what you're singing is right or not). The song went down well, in fact, so well, that my little daughter who was the flower girl, decided to run up to the pulpit, grab me by the leg (now, I'm "Lank" concentrating on freestylin' some lyrics) and then proceeded to dance in front of the pulpit for a while, before sauntering off-stage back to mom.

Hannes se Troue met Karla Pic: Duane Denton

Well, one thing is for certain, these little kiddies keeps you on your toes. As a photographer you wish for these little moments, as a performer, you appreciate them in hind-sight.

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