Monday, May 11, 2009

Image of the Week

I'm going to start posting some of the fav images I worked on in the week, or that was released in the week for publication. Surprisingly, for a commercial photographer, one of my favourite images of the past week is a wedding pic, from a mate of mine's wedding.

Andries and Sunet got married in Porterville, where, on his parents' farm, we decided to do the bulk of our stylised images. The great thing about Swartland and other Karoo type landscapes is the blank canvas effect that happens when you put 2 people infront of the camera on this backdrop. They just jump out at you. However, I felt like I'd like to pump the shots up a bit, almost cinema-style, so I added quite a bit of artificial light onto the subjects (I flashed them, wow.). This allows you to create dramatic lighting and isolate them from the canvas background.

More and more I'm studying film (ie movies) for lighting inspiration and a lot of my work, especially portrait work, is leaning towards that idea. I like to capture the feeling of "a moment that could have been a movie".

Andries's whole attitude conveys such a great feeling of 50's attitude - think Mulholland Drive - and I just love how the lighting came together, sunlight from the right, flash from the left. The clean net background just really made it easy.

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