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Image of the Week

This is not a particularly crazy, or creative image, but rather just of a style that I like, namely stitched panoramas. Shooting a panorama to be stitched seamlessly, is one of the beauties of digital photography, and it also leaves you with spectacularly large files.Annie Leibovitz refers to this technique quite often in her book, On Assignment, yet she takes it a step further and applies it to group portraits, something I haven't quite gotten my mind around. Anyways, this was taken from Signal Hill towards Cape Town, on one of the few moments of sunlight, 2 weekends ago. I only got around to stitching it tonight.Now, in the picture there is little distortion, because undistorted images have been stitched together, but if you look closely (hard on a lo-res shot), you'll notice the new Green Point stadium to the left, the harbour in the middle, and the middle of Table Mountain on the right, 270 deg sweep. Now, that's pretty awesome in terms of wide scope. Widelux cameras c…

The Rooibos Cookbook - The Making of PART 1: EMILY's

So, here we go, August 1, 2008. The first day of shooting on this big project for Rooibos, that has in the present already culminated into:A touch of Rooibos:14 Local chefs contributing to this phenomenal project, funded by Rooibos Ltd. In total, I spent about 21 days shooting for the book, spread out over six months, but at times, about 3 days per week. TEAM: Gerda de Wet - Rooibos Ltd EDITOR: Daleen van der MerweART: Karen Hermans, Catapult AdvertisingPHOTOGRAPHY: Danie Nel assisted by Jeremy PurenSTYLING: Kanya HuntDAY 1: Emily's The shoot was scheduled for about 10am, since the restaurant had a function that carried on till about 3 in the morning. Arriving alone (Jeremy had to shoot some stuff at the studio), Johan Odendaal greeted me with his customary: "Jy't groot geword!".It's taken me some time to pick up on the innuendo in that.  Ignorance is indeed bliss. Well, it has been like 6 years since we last met. He was obviously in the mood for chatting and was …

Cover for MyWeek (R.I.P) of "co"-Idol: Sasha-Lee

So, 27 May we rock up at Canal Walk's "The Piazza" for a shoot with the initial, and then later co-winner, for Idols 2009 (South Africa). After having seen her perform just 2 weeks prior at the Table of Unity event on Table Mountain I was very impressed with her performance and singing. However, considering the hoo-ha about her winning and the botched count, and then her not winning but still.... I was more keen to just be part of the whole thing!Well, she was very shy and quiet, and I've gotta say, the strain was showing. She was very cool to work with, very accomodating, humble, and obviously tired. Considering that just competing in the Idols contest is tough enough, then dealing with being crowned, the media, and then the furore, and more negative and hurtful press... I was glad we could offer something a bit more positive to her. She's only 18, so I'm sure having to deal with that rubbish is kinda hard. However, in Cape Town, it's pretty obvious that…

Trying out some Vids

Here are some behind the scene vids and pics - cell and 5D Mk ii, slapped together with Videothang, which it turns out, messes up the audio levels big time once exported, but its just for fun...till I get a decent vid application. Then it is Michael out!

Image of the Week

Why? Sometimes an image just sticks with you. This was at Groot Constantia recently for Wine magazine. The lines with the slight break at the left top corner just worked so well for me. I maintain that autumn is the Cape's best kept secret, especially just after the harvest, as leaves become yellow and start falling off the vines. For all the photography/visual communications fundies:First off: Camera settings: you figure it ou - lots of depth of field, overcast sky, lo ISO.... f16 rule for the southern hemisphere reads: at midday in full sun 1/125th f16 on 100 ISO will give you a good exposure. Deduct 2 stops for overcast, another for a stop lower ISO.... Aspirant photogs get way side-tracked by settings instead of the images- go play! Figure it out.Camera: 5D.Secondly: visual communication specs:This is a prime example of the secondary visual principle of RHYTHM. Diagonal lines against the Western reading direction gives you: Dynamism GESTALT's rules of visual perception uti…

The Good Food and Wine Show - Cape Town

I was the official photographer for the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town this year, and what an experience it was! 4 days of festival with all the preliminaries leading up to this day, including a shoot with Marcos Giorgio, executive chef for Jamie's Italian (yup, all Jamie Oiver's restaurants - and he's a boy that hails from Plumstead), and likely one of the coolest human beings you'll meet in a long time. Also, as the photographer, I had VIP access to all the arenas, cook-offs, demos and behind-the-scenes access you could wish for! I saw 3 or 4 of Ainsley Harriot's classes, a couple of Marcos's, Brian Turner's, Giancarlo and his wife Katy Caldese etc etc. I tasted, tried and shot loads. I also bumped into lots of faces from the Rooibos Cookbook project...but the best way to describe our experience there is just to post pics and to discuss what happens! A shout out to the awesome PR staff of GourmetSA, and all the cool people I met there.