Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Good Food and Wine Show - Cape Town

I was the official photographer for the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town this year, and what an experience it was! 4 days of festival with all the preliminaries leading up to this day, including a shoot with Marcos Giorgio, executive chef for Jamie's Italian (yup, all Jamie Oiver's restaurants - and he's a boy that hails from Plumstead), and likely one of the coolest human beings you'll meet in a long time. Also, as the photographer, I had VIP access to all the arenas, cook-offs, demos and behind-the-scenes access you could wish for! I saw 3 or 4 of Ainsley Harriot's classes, a couple of Marcos's, Brian Turner's, Giancarlo and his wife Katy Caldese etc etc. I tasted, tried and shot loads. I also bumped into lots of faces from the Rooibos Cookbook project...

but the best way to describe our experience there is just to post pics and to discuss what happens! A shout out to the awesome PR staff of GourmetSA, and all the cool people I met there.



Some technical high/low-lights:

I broke my 5D on Friday, just after a Brian Turner cook-off. See pic of realization lower down. I am waiting for a quote, but guestimate is R10 000 upwards for repairs. This put me in the desperate position to get a new camera, while Philip held the fort with a back-up. Thanks for the awesome guys at ORMS and Standard Bank who gave me the ok for 5D Mk ii in 15 minutes, so I could be roaring to go soon after. Will receive news RE my 5D today. That'll be my full-frame back-up then. As with all dark clouds the silver lining was indeed very silver, in this case me being forced to upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark II.

Selecting, converting, retouching and correcting 1500 images followed this week. That and press deadlines, emailing them out etc etc. Bit by bit it's getting there. Oh, and we've been shooting all week as well. Oh, and having to upgrade everything to facilitate the enormous RAW files of the new 5D Mk II... So... apart from the camera, I had to get a fast 16GB 30MB/s memory card, Photoshop Cs4 and hundred of megs of updates, but I'm not complaining. In a back-handed sort of way - I'm being SMUG!

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Danie Nel said...

Repairs only about R7000 for the 5D...... ONLY.... ????