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Rooibos Cookbook #3: Buitenverwacting with Justin Pillay

You know, sometimes you arrive somewhere, and everything is just ...sorted? Well, that was my experience at Buitenverwacthing, with Justin Pillay, cooking on behalf of Edgar, the contributor and executive chef. The only problem was that I was a tad late due to another commitment running overtime, and Kanya having a serious cold. Oh, and it was a day after my birthday, August last year. (For new readers, this is a retrospective of some of the shoots in the production of "A touch of Rooibos" cookbook.)

First we were taken for a tour of the very busy kitchen - quick mental notes were made and we got cooking. This was the first kitchen where the heat was a bit of a problem for me. I was very glad when later on we were able to shoot in the air-conditioned pastry kitchen, that is nicely air-conditioned so the souffle's and pastry thingies don't flop.

Also, we were entertained briefly in a display of very efficient pasta making by one of the common chefs. They make it look so easy, but trust me, it's not.

No sooner had they started preparing food, and we started practising the method of running between prep shots and final images in the restaurant and outside. Occasionaly I would take the flashes out just to let them cool down, cuz they were standing over hot chafing dishes, baymarines, and hellishly hot stoves.

And then Kanya noticed....the lappies (cloths). The kitchen was littered with brown cloths. Everyone had them, they were being wiped, draped, worn and to the eye of the outsider, they were even more consistent than the great food prepared there. Kanya, ever the stylist, was ever fascinated with these little things, and wanted to encorporate them into all sorts of creative images, styled shots and detailed images. So enamored we became with the lappies (and possibly the insane heat had an effect), I felt it necessary to produce a video with my phone of these lappies....


Eventually, we got through all the dishes, and we were able to go home. As with the spirit of this project, we were once again encouraged by the excitement, willingness to co-operate and pace of each shot, in which case, Buitenverwachting was no different.


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