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I drive the Audi R8 V10.

Here is a video from a very recent shoot for Wiel Magazine, where we shot the Audi R8. This is a car using Lamborghini technology, engine etc and is R2000 000 cash and it is fast and it is cool and I drove it. Now you can turn green and yellow. If the video doesn't load automatically (like if you're subscribed to the RSS feed), then click on the link supplied to see me drive a 0-100km/h in 3.8 secs car. Click here if it doesn't show up:

Rooibos Cookbook #5: Kanya's House

So for some sections of the book we shot at Kanya's house. Like when Alida van der Spuy needed to do her bit, or when Kanya had to shoot some of her own recipes for the book, or to finish some odds and ends for the book. Having shot a cookbook at her house before, we were quite at ease in the environment, with her hubby Darryl popping in now and again to see if the dishes for ready for consumption. The advantages of shooting at a stylist's house:the props are on handshe's familiar with her kitchenshe understands that your lights will take up a bit of space in the kitchenthe 2 of you decide the pace of the shoot, not a chefno guests to considerpets And then Jeremy got a hold of the hosepipe! Being in a private environment, one can be a tad silly. This aids the whole process and creativity in general. Also, one should wish to have a good time when you're shooting.Chilled as it seems, the hard thing about shooting at Kanya's house is that she runs a very busy wedding c…

Enjoying some Shutterstock

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Shooting Food.

Grande Provence, Franschhoek, South Africa 2007 Images are from my istock portfolio:, but also visit my commercial portfolios at have seen thousands of dishes of food. Heaps of chefs doing their thing, stylists poking around in the food, and tastes, smelt and enjoyed some of the best food ever. I've seen and worked with the likes of Ainsley Harriet, Marcos Giorgeos, Giorgio Nava, Reuben Riffel, Roberto de Carvalla,Jenny Morris, Bryan Taylor, Garth Stroebl,etc etc. I have completed 5 cookbooks, 5 books on drinks and cocktails, numerous food shoots for magazines, food and wine pairing shots for wine marketing and packaging for food, been the official photographer at the Cape Town Good Food and Wine Show etc etc.I'm not much of a cook, but I can enjoy good food, and food is beautiful to me, therefore, even though images of business people might always be in the highest demand, you'll always see food in my portfolio.Table Bay H…