Friday, August 07, 2009

Shooting Food.

Grande Provence, Franschhoek, South Africa 2007

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I have seen thousands of dishes of food. Heaps of chefs doing their thing, stylists poking around in the food, and tastes, smelt and enjoyed some of the best food ever. I've seen and worked with the likes of Ainsley Harriet, Marcos Giorgeos, Giorgio Nava, Reuben Riffel, Roberto de Carvalla,Jenny Morris, Bryan Taylor, Garth Stroebl,etc etc. I have completed 5 cookbooks, 5 books on drinks and cocktails, numerous food shoots for magazines, food and wine pairing shots for wine marketing and packaging for food, been the official photographer at the Cape Town Good Food and Wine Show etc etc.

I'm not much of a cook, but I can enjoy good food, and food is beautiful to me, therefore, even though images of business people might always be in the highest demand, you'll always see food in my portfolio.

Table Bay Hotel, 2007

 Chef: Basil Stander, Danie Nel Photo Studio, Maitland, Cape Town, 2007

Chef: Munetaka Kimura, Megu, Paarl, South Africa, 2008


Anonymous said...

I am not a chef and not even my favorite topic, but still enjoy your entries on all the interesting food shoots. You also do quite a few vehicle shoots but i haven't seen an entry on any of those before. So can I request an entry on one of those? Especially the new Audi R8 you did today? Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and keeping the not-so-technical guys like myself in mind. Keep them coming. Thanks Hannes

Danie Nel said...

Thanx HAnnes, I'll do that! If you check back in the archives you'll see some car entries, but I'll make a point of that. I'll also make a point of posting the video of ME DRIVING THE R8!!!!! It was a fab shoot.

Please also check my facebook group: or follow me on twitter - which I suspect you do ;) through FB at least. On the former there are lotsa pics as well of car shoot. Also add Wiel Tydskrif as a contact of facebook - you'll see some of my shoots in their albums.