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My most popular stock photo across all platforms currently...

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Ok, some of you might be aware that I make some music on the sly. Well, I do, if you didn't. It's mostly for kicks, but I'm rather passionate about it (my first love is photography though, music is great as a serious hobby). I recorded an EP in 2004 which culminated in a full-length album in 2006, called Painting with Light, and now again, with "Een". "Een" is in many instances a new experience for me, quite special. Since 2007 I've been writing worship material for our church in Afrikaans, as our Afrikaans collection of songs were a bit thin. Since then I've introduced 5 new Afrikaans songs and people have started asking me whether I have it on CD as they'd like a copy etc. Apart from the fact that these songs have real meaning to me, it's great to see 300 people singing them, and getting meaning out of it for themselves as well. One of the songs have been sung at about 5 weddings as well. Another reason I enjoyed it immensely, is I was…