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Een - Danie Nel Cove Lo-Resr 

Ok, some of you might be aware that I make some music on the sly. Well, I do, if you didn't. It's mostly for kicks, but I'm rather passionate about it (my first love is photography though, music is great as a serious hobby). I recorded an EP in 2004 which culminated in a full-length album in 2006, called Painting with Light, and now again, with "Een". "Een" is in many instances a new experience for me, quite special. Since 2007 I've been writing worship material for our church in Afrikaans, as our Afrikaans collection of songs were a bit thin. Since then I've introduced 5 new Afrikaans songs and people have started asking me whether I have it on CD as they'd like a copy etc. Apart from the fact that these songs have real meaning to me, it's great to see 300 people singing them, and getting meaning out of it for themselves as well. One of the songs have been sung at about 5 weddings as well. Another reason I enjoyed it immensely, is I was able to direct the songs towards styles that I myself enjoy playing and allow myself some freedom to indulge in some guitar-solo's etc. Now, weird as it sounds, and as much as I loved doing "Painting with Light", the songs were written over a period of 10 years in different styles, and I ended up with a style that was exciting, but not 100% me. It turned out as a folky adult contemporary sound, with a rock edge. I always sorta pictured myself as a rocker. In hindsight, I learned a lot about my actual playing style, and the way I perceive my music as well during that stint. "Een" also displays some of my folk, acoustic styles (my music is built around this base) and then some nice rock  sounds.

To add some value to the 5 songs I recorded for "Een", I also added 5 bonus tracks, including an acoustic version of one of the songs, a demo version of one of the songs, and 3 other demo's of unreleased songs.

Now here I'm going to go totally shameless: The proceeds for "Een" are being donated to the special contribution fund of The Cape Town Church of Christ, which enables our church to operate financially independent from overseas congregations, and allows those funds to be spent on smaller, more needy congregations in the rest of Southern Africa. The CD sells for a mere R50, and every single R50 will make a difference. Drop me a mail if you want to buy one, and I'll send you the details. In a couple of weeks the songs will be available for sale on mp3 format through Rhythm.

The CD is available in hard-copy from me for now only, but should be available at RhythmRecords soon, where Painting is Light is also distributed from in mp3 format. However, you can go listen to the my music and album in streaming audio at the following sites:

My music website:

Rhythm Records: - Painting with Light only for now (buy mp3's)

Streetlamp: - Painting with Light (buy mp3's) and demo's

Garageband: - Een and Painting with Light (free downloads, full streaming, reviews, podcasts etc)

MySpace: - Een and Painting with Light (free mp3's, full streaming, news)

Facebook Group: - news and pics etc.

Facebook Artist page: - Een and Painting with Light (free mp3's and full streaming) - - Een and Painting with Light (free mp3's and full streaming)

Now for a bit of photography related to this:

Album artwork:

Illustration: Philip du Plessis - he's a really good illustrator (watch this space - we're setting up Shutterstock and istock illustration accounts for him - vectors etc). For those not familiar, he's also my assistant here at the studio. I thought I'd steer away from the obvious photograph cover (as I'm a photographer), and opted for a cool little pic by Philip.

Photography: On the inside cover there are some making off pics by Philip. All shot 6400 ISO in a dark and dim studio!

Design: I plead guilty on that one.

Recording: Chris Tait, a music legend here in Cape Town (Streetlevel Music Productions, Tait, Hey Mister).... go have a listen to this guy, he's a real pro....he happened to record Johnny Clegg the other day as well...hang with the best, become....better.

Some pics of the day.


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