Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jimmy Dludlu: Shot from the past

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In 2002 or 2003 I was asked by publisher and then-editor of  Stage Magazine, Gustav Andor, to go and shoot jazz guitarist at the filming of "Backstage", a popular soapie at the time. He was to perform live, in a cameo appearance, and Stage wanted some pics to go with a short news snippet. I don't recall ever getting paid, or even handing the pics over for some reason, as Stage was a strange set-up at best.

I did get a great opportunity to sit in while Jimmy was warming up and played a bit with his guitar and even jammed very briefly.

Once the filming began I was ushered onto the soundstage/studio floor and wait for recording to begin. I noticed how dimly everything was lit, from a transparency/slide point of view, especially. I had only packed Kodak VC100 35mm for my Canon, as this was a bit of a rush commission.

In the end I had to hand-hold 1/10th second exposures at f3.5 or something. The result was images that was high in contrast of the transparency film, and full of energy, due to the slight blur of movement.

Only very recently did I come across these images as I was sourcing more images for my Wax Lyrical project that will be going live on my site soon. It's a shame that gems like that stays hidden for years, but then again, it makes the rediscovery so much more fun.

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