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New album absolutely free!

Ok, so most of you might know that I dabble in music as well..., and that 2 months ago I released an album, called "Een", my second, but I went back into the studio, and did something I've wanted to do for a long time. Play a live show to a sound engineer and a mic for my voice, and a mic for my guitar. No dubbing, just belting the songs out the way I write them at home in my bedroom. Not just that, I wanted to play the songs I like. My previous albums are awesome, but especially "Een" was written for an audience in mind and to fulfill the purpose of corporate worship. However, these songs are just for me. But by making them available absolutely free, I thought I could share my enjoyment with you as well.


You can download my new album, "Live to a mic - Session at Streetlevel" for FREE, right here:



You might need to accept linkedin app for facebook, or register for free on ilike, but you can then download the whole album ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! Please spread the love!


20091030_0081 Final Cover lo-res The cover20091030_0085lr Cal Milne, SE at Streetlevel Studios. 20091030_0084lr A custom built Tully Mcully mic. 20091030_0071lr Me performing away in a glass box. 20091030_0072lr Sound-techy stuffs.

All pics by Philip Du Plessis/(C) Danie Nel Photography cc.

I've come some way with Streetlevel; I recorded 9 tracks of "Painting with Light" and "Een" with Chris Tait -Tait, Hey Mister! - there, and we used to be studio neighbours. Also, I shot images for Tait's first 2 albums, plus some PR images, PR images for James Stewart and his recent Police tribute poster. Also, I've shot some of Streetlevel Record's artists in the past. Anyways, it was like sitting and singing in my bedroom, I felt totally comfortable there, as usual.

I would state the name of the song to Cal, he'd type it in and say go. I'd sing the song and he'd press stop. So basically, how Ledbelly would've record, that's how we did it. Philip walked around taking pics and generally just capturing moments and vibes.

Now, 13 songs in 2 hours... it doesn't sound like much, but have you ever wondered why performers are always soaking wet with perspiration when they sing? It's tiring. I was totally beat by the last song, but the cool thing is, the warmer your voice, the better your reach. So one or two of my songs were benefiting from a warm voice box, as often when you write a song, you end up writing it in high keys, because by the time you've got the tune right, your voice is warm, and you decide to go for a higher key. Thus, I end up writing riffs and licks that is key-specific, and my poor voice just needs to make it on cold days.

Anyways, why don't you go and download, now.


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