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James Stewart/Sting/The Police

I recorded my album "Live to a mic" by virtue of a barter deal with James Stewart from Streetlevel Studios. Here is what he bartered for: a 70's looking pop group poster much like the cover of "Regatta le Blanc" by the Police. Below the exciting detail from James and the pic.The Suikerbossie, Hout BaypresentsJames Stewart is best known as the lead singer for The Usual. Remember The Shape that I'm in, Like a Vision? His solo Hits like Shine, You don't stop turning me on and Beautiful Mistake have made him a household name.(More artist info? 3 sell out shows on the coast, hear James pay tribute to one of his biggest influences THE POLICE & Sting - featuring Johnny Clegg's drummer Barry van Zyl.Where : The Suikerbossie / Hout BayWhen : 3pm - Sunday 27th December 2009How much : R80 pp (children under 12 free)Booking : on 021 790 1450 | Stewart : Vocals | Bass Guitar | KeyboardBarry van Zyl : D…

So I shot something today...

with an air-fun. In fact, my wife gave it a severely disabilitating shot in the lower back. Then I gave it another 4 shots. When it finally fell out of the tree, Lucky (who spot it the whole time and kept us supplied with ammo, and who has the best eyes by far), whacked it with a pool cleaning pole. The hunt took 2.5 hours. It was hot. It was humid. It was strenuous. The adversary was dangerous. In fact, the most feared of its size in Africa. Today, I shot something. I shot a black mamba who was playing in the trees above my kids' swing at my in-laws' house. It was hard work. It needed focus. It needed teamwork. It seriously needed more caliber than the air-gun we had. We seriously needed to improve our aim. But after almost 3 hours, we conquered the serpent.Generally the Black Mamba is shy and won't attack humans. However, as it will remain in a tree for days if there are enough birds to hunt, it poses a serious threat if that tree overhangs a balcony and you pass under i…

Happy holidays

So, did a shoot this morning on the Clifton 4th with brave lifesavers, and now to some portraits, and then off off off. I'll be checking in now and again, but let me take the oppurtunity to wish you the best holiday and may the spirit of community, love and friendship make this a memorable time.
Also, please travel safe!

Philip is on the Orange River already, river rafting, and I'm off to Barberton. I will be checking on my blog, and mails, so do contact me. Expect about 24 hours for a reply, though.

Also for the holidays, I recommend this book:



Our Xmas Greeting Card

Philip and myself thought it should be a good idea to do some Christmas cards this year. So we ended up doing this one. Tell us what you think, because you might be receiving your copy soon!We're still here till the 17th of December, and should be back around the 7th or so. I'll be checking mails and will be in Cape Town from about New Year, so do phone if you need anything.

Libya Day II Part 1

Leptis Magna. Unesco World Heritage Site. Roman Ruins. The oldest blinking buildings I have ever seen. Things predating Christ by quite a margin. East of Tripoli, about 110km. Buried under sand for a millenia or so, excavated by Musselini in the 20's. Apart from his dubious associations in the WWII, he seemed to have accomplished one or two worthwhile feats, like unearthing the most prestine and well-kept ruins you'll live to see. 3km sq of cobble stone, marble, granite, ruins of such quality, it leaves you astounded pretty much the whole time.But first we drove east towards Egypt on the highway. It's amazing. Tripoli is one sprawling, stretched out peace of urban development, all along the coast. You never actually leave urban or suburban areas. For more than a hundred km's it's just buildings. You pass into Al Khoms and other towns without realizing you left Tripoli. More on Al Khoms later. Anyways, we arrived at Leptis Magna sort of suddenly. Most of us needed a …