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2010 and whatnot

It’s one of those things we say every year: The year flew past! It’s the fastest year ever! Like this year the earth actually circumvented the sun faster. Much like the comments on Cape Town winters, or summers, for that matter. It’s always colder, hotter, drier, wetter, longer etc. Anyways, I promised myself I won’t say it…, but boy, 2010 flew past!It’s not been the easiest year in business, in fact, it was was way up there with the tough ones, for instance; just today I received news that another publication closes its doors for good on Friday. Very good clients of mine. That would make it roughly 4 this year. That and all the PR agencies losing their clients, and thus me losing mine, and advertising…  So it’s been an interesting ride. But, I can report, that things are looking up and have been so for the last quarter. And I’m not one to complain, nor sulk. Life comes at all of us. I’m still standing, my business is going forward, and I love photography and our business more than ev…

Funny Photography Fail

Sorry, but photographers can sometimes be way too serious about what we do... and then you just need a good dose of reality check. Especially from Russia.

Lucky for him CF cards fare well around water... cameras, not so much. I can honestly say this has not happened to me yet.

Neither has this...boy!

and competitiveness get's the most of these two...

Ok, this has almost happened to me...

Anyways, I feel better about myself suddenly!

3 Weddings...And some Thoughts on Wedding Photography.

Today I'm cramming 3 weddings into 1 post. The reason for this is that it was micro-eloper-weddings to start with, and I actually have a lot of other things I wish to blog soon, so I decided to combine these. First off, it started of with my usual German weddings (actually all 3 were German tourist weddings), at the beautiful Grande Roche in Paarl. It's a challenge to shoot so often at one venue, as you continually need to try and look at the same space in a fresh way.

The great thing is though, that times of day differ, and more importantly, the couple differ. And also, I like having lots of different tools in my toolbox, so that's why you'll find me going from full glamour, to country-style to reportage, all depending on the situation. And as much as I don't like sepia, if the client asks for it, I'll supply it, in my sort of way :) .

I've mentioned to some wedding photographers, and with mixed responses from them, that I foresee a sudden saturation in t…