Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shooting an AMG...


Photography: Danie Nel

Post: Philip du Plessis/Danie Nel Photography

Driver: Deon Joubert

Location: Killarney race track

...with heat-seeking missiles and hand grenades. We're doing more and more "cinematic" treatments of imagery. With a host of skills, new lighting techniques and post-production work, we now go and shoot more and more for post as well. Unlike many people think it's not ideal to take a nicish image and just "pimp" it. Shoot for the final post effect. Before photographers and purists start crying foul, it's time you start looking around. Images are moving in a direction that calls for surrealism. I'm all for pure images as well, but I am enjoying the things we can do these days.

Many people argue that with post work, now graphic designers are acting like photographers. I say if you start with superior images and a great base, and then on top of that add amazing post work, the final product will be even better.

Not even portrait work is escaping our touch:




The latter portraits are more treatment orientated, but the initial image of the car fits more into the catagory of creation and sampling. Either can be achieved. However, bear in mind, that when we're shooting to that end, the final output of images is definitely less.

If you need cinematic portraits of your clients, products and scenarios, I think it's time we chatted. There is no reason why your corporate profile can't look like a Scorcese movie poster!

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