Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some other books that I have worked on:

Ok, so after the success of A touch of Rooibos, I've had some queries as to some other books I might've worked on, and where to purchase. Here is a couple. This list is not exhaustive, as some have gone out of print already. I have done books on personal fitness as well, but I've restricted the selection here to cookbooks. Also countless books for distribution via corporate marketing, events based selling etc have been done, but these are the only ones commercially available still. Click on pics to order from or


Cocktail Book1

Sharp Shooters - David Biggs

Myself and the designer were responsible for the styling, and Bartender's Workshop did the pouring. Project finished 2006. This is a fantastic little book.

Cocktail Book7

Cocktails series: Part of a 4 book series, Classic Cocktails is but one - David Biggs.



 20080826_031 lr

A touch of Rooibos - Gerda de Wet

Team: Kanya Hunt - Styling, Me (photography), Jeremy Puren (photography assistant)


Egg Curry

One-Dish Winners - Christelle Erasmus

Usual suspects: Jean Nel (prep-chef), Winkie (stylist assistant), Kanya Hunt (stylist), Me (photography).


Here we are: August 2007, on completion.



Healthy Family Meals - Christelle Erasmus


Here we are 2008 Team: Stylist assistant, Susan Bosman (stylist), Me

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