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Ruan & Theresa

So it happens now and again that I shoot a wedding for a friend. I specialize in destination weddings in Cape Town, mainly for European clients, but I do enjoy the odd local wedding. Ruan and Theresa are friends from my church with both having served with me in the worship ministry. Ruan is still a singer with me and Theresa played cello, and still performs with a quartet and teaches music. Herewith some of the memories. Philip had the day off, so I was on my own.Some of the moments and details.Not bad for 2 hours of shooting, hey?

Things Break II

In a previous post, Things Break I tried to put into perspective photographer's equipment costs, and how easy and often things go wrong, especially on location. Herewith a small incident that happened this morning, after returning from being out with the family to have the kids play outside a bit. So, it was not even a job, just a silly Saturday morning outing where I took a pic or two for the family album. So on return home, by some somewhat daft mistake, I don't zip the camera bag properly shut and upon opening the garden gate, heard R100k worth of gear drop to the ground. Everything was intact, except:No one likes seeing glass shards protruding from a R15k lens. Even if it is only on your backup body.But then you look again and thank your best practices, for having a decent UV filter fitted on the lens. Cuz see, the lens actually had a lens cap on, but with the consequent tumble to the ground it was dislodged, and the bounce afterwards landed the lens face down on the groun…