Saturday, March 06, 2010

Things Break II

In a previous post, Things Break I tried to put into perspective photographer's equipment costs, and how easy and often things go wrong, especially on location. Herewith a small incident that happened this morning, after returning from being out with the family to have the kids play outside a bit.

So, it was not even a job, just a silly Saturday morning outing where I took a pic or two for the family album. So on return home, by some somewhat daft mistake, I don't zip the camera bag properly shut and upon opening the garden gate, heard R100k worth of gear drop to the ground. Everything was intact, except:


No one likes seeing glass shards protruding from a R15k lens. Even if it is only on your backup body.


But then you look again and thank your best practices, for having a decent UV filter fitted on the lens. Cuz see, the lens actually had a lens cap on, but with the consequent tumble to the ground it was dislodged, and the bounce afterwards landed the lens face down on the ground. Hence the broken UV filter. ALWAYS HAVE UV FILTERS FITTED!


After unscrewing the broken UV filter carefully, this is what remained. Now for the acid test.


Yay! After blowing off the glass shards carefully, and lightly cleaning the lens, not a single scratch remained. Thank heavens. And I'm really glad I had a UV filter fitted. Total set-back?

R500. (I use decent UV filters - cheapo's ruin the quality of your lens with aberrations and flaring and sharpness issues - Kenko Digital D1 works well). If I didn't have UV filter on? R15 000 plus medical treatment for kicking myself repeatedly with my own leg. It's funny, seen in that way, I don't even notice the R500 knock.

After giving it a quick test shot and scrutiny at 100% on laptop, I was satisfied it was fine.

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