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Max & Pia

Through my good friends at KapEvent, I’ve been fortunate to do another wedding at the Kommetjie Lighthouse. It is officially now the place where I have photographed the most weddings in Cape Town. And the climb to the top floor stays tough! 30m into the air and hundreds of steps with our gear!Max and Pia  that Cape Town is the place to do it, with the relative proximity, safari, winelands etc of the Kruger (3 hours by plane to Nelspruit), and many other beautific places. Initially the couple only wanted to book us for an hour, as their ceremony would be short (and we signed as witnesses, being the guests as well as the photographer and assistant), but eventually we had so much fun at the lighthouse and Long Beach, that we ended up with an extra half-an-hour. Well, without boring you with too much details, herewith some of the memories.Nuptials being done 30 m into the air, with the most amazing view in the world…and wind battling against the lighthouse! Then to the “romantic” ceremony…

Great lecture by Taryn Simon

If you have 17mins to spare, some bandwidth, and you’re into visual communication, documentary photography and the like – do take the time to watch this. If you’re a photography student, interested in context, intent, purpose and the like, even more so. If it’s a bit geeky, I’m sorry, but I cut my intellectual teeth on this stuff. You can also go to her website at:

Nissan GT-R

So this is the Nissan GT-R we shot for Wiel. This time I’ll let the video do the talking! The DPS opener pic, as seen in the video.However, the video might give the impression that all just goes well. Well, sometimes, your mind leaves you for a moment and you instruct the driver to move the car while your Canon 430EX is still under the wheel of the car. Notice the beautiful light coming from under the car? Well, that’s the last time it did any good! Poor Wilhelm, no stranger to this type of thing, felt horrible, but in his defense, it really wasn’t his fault. As I’ve blogged before…. THINGS BREAK. That’s the way it goes. That flash served me well, and was the brush light for the whole Rooibos Cookbook. I think it paid it’s dues. It least it died glamorously… under the wheel of the coolest sports car of 2009 – the Nissan GT-R.Also, you’ll notice in our videos new little logo:This is what we’ve decided to name our video productions. At this stage, BSP has only one client – Danie Nel Pho…

Gerhard & Maryke Wedding

So a couple of weeks some more of my friends got married. In fact, in the last 3 months something ridiculous like 7 couples I know got married, but anyways… luckily I could be a guest at some. In this particular case I was a guest from the reception onwards with Philip covering that, and the official photographer up until that time. There is not a heck of a lot I want to say today, except that I had a lot of fun shooting this. As you’ll see. Enjoy.And so it goes on…, but if I post more, Blogger will ban me! Congrats again to awesome friends.


Unfortunately I can’t post everything relating to this shoot, as the campaign has not gone live yet, and will only go live next summer, but I thought I’d quickly just drop a couple of images here that won’t give a way the product nor the campaign.Basically, the company wanted to use the NSRI/Life Saving Corps here in Cape Town to promote some of their new products with POS material etc.I can’t post the main campaign image, but here are some of the fillers (without product):As luck would have it, on the only day in December 2009 (also my last day at work for 2009), it would be overcast. And cold! So the poor souls had to get themselves wet and lathered and run up and down in a freezing breeze, but hey, that’s the Cape for you.Pumbah – the only guy who didn’t need to flex, but had a permanent bulk of serious muscle. So, they’re not as big and powerful as Pumbah, but they swim like motorboats apparently.There was also an unfortunate incident of one of the female lifesavers face-planting…

New Logo and Corporate ID

So for a while I've been looking for a new corporate ID, logo, etc. Philip has come up with some ideas, and one of his ideas led me to this one. The moment it was on the screen I felt it was right. I'd like to tell you all the deeper meanings behind it, but it's simple:I like a simple text logo. It seems stable. It sits easy on my eye. It can be made into a PS brush. It's easy enough to print. It's recognizable. You'll notice from now on my letterheads, email signature and web logos are all changing. It might still take a day or two to get to all the twitters, and facebook changes, my blog, but hopefully end of this week, all the print and online media will be updated. Also, my website is brand spanking new, with about 100 new images going live tomorrow. The design of the site is already updated. Check it out here: As always, I've kept an html option, especially now that iPhones and iPads cannot read flash, and I don't want to lose o…

Libya - Last Day

Ok, so I've been a tad busy, and haven't gotten around to posting new stories, but I'm back, and today, we're finishing the Libya trip. It's also about time, since I've been blogging about the trip on and off for the last 4 months!Ever since we got to Tripoli, Jenny Morris have been trying to see the local food. An earlier excursion to the fish-market, close to our hotel, was met with disappointment, as most of the mongers had left by then. However, we all commented on a public fishmarket that has marble work surfaces! Well, I suppose old habit die hard for people who were invaded by marble and granite crazy Romans.So, as a first stop, before we were to hit Sabratha, another immaculate UNESCO World-Heritage Site, we stopped at the port quickly, to go and see early morning activities in the fish-market. And I must say, wow! The array and quality of catch was quite amazing, even for someone like myself who's not keen on seafood. But I did grow up in a fishin…