Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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Unfortunately I can’t post everything relating to this shoot, as the campaign has not gone live yet, and will only go live next summer, but I thought I’d quickly just drop a couple of images here that won’t give a way the product nor the campaign.

Basically, the company wanted to use the NSRI/Life Saving Corps here in Cape Town to promote some of their new products with POS material etc.

I can’t post the main campaign image, but here are some of the fillers (without product):


As luck would have it, on the only day in December 2009 (also my last day at work for 2009), it would be overcast. And cold! So the poor souls had to get themselves wet and lathered and run up and down in a freezing breeze, but hey, that’s the Cape for you.


Pumbah – the only guy who didn’t need to flex, but had a permanent bulk of serious muscle.




So, they’re not as big and powerful as Pumbah, but they swim like motorboats apparently.

There was also an unfortunate incident of one of the female lifesavers face-planting, but in order to place that photo, I would give away the main concept shot, so regrettably, you’ll just need to take my word for it that being a model/lifesaver can be life-endangering and ego-bruising!

It happened also to be the first day of Philip’s holiday, so I had to lug all my gear up and down Clifton 4th beach’s steps – and my stuff’s heavy! Ask anyone what a Pro 7B pack, with a 10m extension, and 2 heads way….and all the stands, reflectors, camera-bag and odds and ends.

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