Friday, April 30, 2010

Max & Pia


Through my good friends at KapEvent, I’ve been fortunate to do another wedding at the Kommetjie Lighthouse. It is officially now the place where I have photographed the most weddings in Cape Town. And the climb to the top floor stays tough! 30m into the air and hundreds of steps with our gear!

Max and Pia  that Cape Town is the place to do it, with the relative proximity, safari, winelands etc of the Kruger (3 hours by plane to Nelspruit), and many other beautific places.

Initially the couple only wanted to book us for an hour, as their ceremony would be short (and we signed as witnesses, being the guests as well as the photographer and assistant), but eventually we had so much fun at the lighthouse and Long Beach, that we ended up with an extra half-an-hour.

Well, without boring you with too much details, herewith some of the memories.


Nuptials being done 30 m into the air, with the most amazing view in the world…and wind battling against the lighthouse!




Then to the “romantic” ceremony at the beach (the lighthouse being the site for the official and legal procedure, for as a government building it qualifies as a venue for official business. 201004100114ii On the pics it might look very desolate and secluded, but the reality is if the waves are happening, you’ll have some guests, invited or not!


 201004100195i      Hehe – I saw the wave coming, but I couldn’t tell them! That would be wasting an oppurtunity.


DSC_1039 (2) A pic Max took of myself and Philip shooting Pia. Note the spectators! I must say, the Kommetjie crowd is really cool. Except for the odd congratulations as they pass, most people just ignore the couple and leave them be to their private moment. You gotta love that. This was a Saturday morning remember. On weekdays, as we often shoot these tourist weddings, the beaches are truly empty. It eerie, but beautiful.

Last thought: couples, take your cue from these guys. They were relaxed, truly enjoying the experience, easy to direct, spontaneous, agreeable, fun totally gracious. It was great receiving a email from them while they were still on honeymoon to let me know their thoughts and delight at the pics. You have no idea how much that means for an artist!

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