Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Logo and Corporate ID

Danie Nel Photography LogoSo for a while I've been looking for a new corporate ID, logo, etc. Philip has come up with some ideas, and one of his ideas led me to this one. The moment it was on the screen I felt it was right. I'd like to tell you all the deeper meanings behind it, but it's simple:

I like a simple text logo. It seems stable. It sits easy on my eye. It can be made into a PS brush. It's easy enough to print. It's recognizable. You'll notice from now on my letterheads, email signature and web logos are all changing. It might still take a day or two to get to all the twitters, and facebook changes, my blog, but hopefully end of this week, all the print and online media will be updated.


my website is brand spanking new

, with about 100 new images going live tomorrow. The design of the site is already updated. Check it out here: As always, I've kept an html option, especially now that iPhones and iPads cannot read flash, and I don't want to lose out on those swanky visitors. I know people don't always like landing pages, but it helps google find me (it's html), and it gives people the option between flash/html.

There is only one last piece of marketing material that'll be taking a while to be converted: my business cards. I'm stuck with about 500, but as soon as they are gone, the new look will find it's way there.

But not only is Danie Nel Photography getting a new look, so is the business's stock image division,

The website has been updated, and also, hundreds of new images were added in the last couple of weeks, with about another 250 sitting in the upload queue for later this week. Remember, images are sold RF for a mere R100 ex VAT each, hi-res, A4 size.

What's with the photosniper thing? Ag, I just wanted to have some fun, and is where I can do it! I don't want to be similar to DNP's identity either, because in terms of product, it aims at different markets, in my mind. Anyways, I'm actually just trying all sorts of things.'s ID is less crucial though, as it makes up a small part of my business profile.

Lastly, I also got upgraded. I got a hair-cut.


I'm listing my business here now as well.
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