Friday, April 16, 2010

Nissan GT-R

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So this is the Nissan GT-R we shot for Wiel. This time I’ll let the video do the talking!


The DPS opener pic, as seen in the video.



20090901_0759 20090901_0760 20090901_0836

However, the video might give the impression that all just goes well. Well, sometimes, your mind leaves you for a moment and you instruct the driver to move the car while your Canon 430EX is still under the wheel of the car. Notice the beautiful light coming from under the car? Well, that’s the last time it did any good! Poor Wilhelm, no stranger to this type of thing, felt horrible, but in his defense, it really wasn’t his fault.

As I’ve blogged before…. THINGS BREAK. That’s the way it goes. That flash served me well, and was the brush light for the whole Rooibos Cookbook. I think it paid it’s dues. It least it died glamorously… under the wheel of the coolest sports car of 2009 – the Nissan GT-R.





Also, you’ll notice in our videos new little logo:

logo blackstudio

This is what we’ve decided to name our video productions. At this stage, BSP has only one client – Danie Nel Photography! We’re aiming to keep it that way for a while, as we’re more interested in using it as our vehicle for viral marketing for now, but if you want to do some simple video productions, interview style, for instance, contact me.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video! For the flash to die by the GT-R is to die with honor :) Good post. Hannes

Danie Nel said...

Hahaha. To give your life for a greater cause is a life well spent. Go flash.