Monday, May 24, 2010

Danie Nel Gallery

I’ve been mentioning my “Gallery” idea here and there, Tweeting it here and there, but it’s slowly coming to life. I’m working on creating a gallery section to my website, where you can see what I shoot to put up on a wall. It’ll lean toward my landscapy images, things that’s more decor and art orientated. However, here and there you’ll find something strange or weird. The most important part of this project is that I like it. I don’t care if it’s popular, really, I do this for kicks.  Anyways, here are a couple of tasters.

All these images are open edition prints, available in various sizes. If interested, please enquire.

1007_0068i lores

20081121_036 lores

I must say, I've not really gone out and said “I’m going to shoot images that’ll work well for decor”. I’ve only really taken pics of where I am. I don’t try and do say something with the images, or really even document, but more just… create and move on.

20081226_273i lores

C&M_223 lores 20091218_0053i lores

Camps Bay 1 lores

S012 lores

S063 lores

Seapoint 2 lores

S136 lores

I’ve never had an exhibition (solo) of my pictorial images, and I don’t really think they justify one either. To me it feels like an exhibition needs to have a theme, and the theme of my “gallery” is “whatever, whenever”. Some might think the images are staid, old, conservative…well, then that’s that. I shoot strange stuff on film, which will come in another project called: “Film’s not dead it just smells funny”. But for now, my gallery is images that I’d like to put up on my wall. If you do too, thanx, I appreciate that, if not, that’s cool too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative Corporate Portraiture SANLAM ITAR

20100126_0047ph2 _MG_9580_0018ph

On a number of occasions I have blogged on the importance of good corporate portrait work, and with my good friends at we were able to do a really cool project for the IT division of Sanlam. For their annual report they wanted to showcase the executives doing what they do for fun, to be able to show another side of the top brass. AS this is an internal publication, a personal touch was needed and we were called upon to get images with some character, and fun.

  20091117_2787ph 20100121_0010ph

From a  insect photographer and bug enthusiast, to a MBA enthusiast (you get all types), someone who likes walking her dog, a Biggest Loser-contestant, traveller and mom.

20091124_0033ph 20100119_0028ph

Locations included a number of shots at Sanlam HQ, Vasco da Gama FC, back-roads of Durbanville, Kenridge Dam, Plattekloof Planet Fitness, Bellville Golf Club, suburbs, etc etc. As I’ve said before, with a bit of effort you professional photo profile can be elevated from the mundane to something really special.


Apart from doing the normal formal thing, I highly advise getting some looser images also for the demand of social media and more lifestyle editorial spread that is being used in corporate marketing these days.

  20100126_0021ph 20100126_0038ph

And dont’ forget how important your Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, TED, etc etc profiles are these days. If not moreso than print, these images will be fixing the public perception of your brand and personality.

20100126_0123ph 20100123_0065ph

On average we had about 15minutes with each person, so lots of time is not needed. If you have a team of 10 people, once can get a lot done in a relatively small amount of time, especially with good planning.


Biggest challenge – individuals not realising that by being difficult and unco-operative about pictures it badly influences the final outcome. Biggest reward – individuals that although nervous, played along and we got great images of them.

   20100202_0016ph 20100202_0032ph

We shot from very early morning to late afternoon, 6 am Saturday morning and the like, but in the end it’s worth it.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad News

I just received terrible news from friends and clients, that Afriqiyah Airlines (the one that took me to Libya and who I did the work for) has had a crash in Tripoli. It flew from JHB last night and ended up crashing on the runway in Tripoli this morning, killing all aboard, although there is a rumour of a child surviving.

I must say, before people start going haywire about local and African Airlines that I had no reason on my trip to suspect lower than expected standards and procedures. I haven’t confirmed whether anybody from their agency here was on board, but I’ll know in due time.

Wow, I dearly hope this does not make people avoid Libya…, I found it to be a fab place, and a decent airline. My condolences to all who is affected and lost someone.

You know what the biggest (strangest) thing is: I decided to wear my Afriqiyah Airlines T-shirt and cap today…, long before I found out about the accident.

Herewith some pics from my flight home from Tripoli:

20091106Libya1385 Tripoli from my window seat.

20091106Libya1375 Me in the Afriqiyah Airline plane.

 20091106Libya1377Fellow passengers.

 20091106Libya1371Me at the Tripoli Airport.

20091103Libya0007 Kosie and Charmaine (rep for Aviareps/Afriqiyah Airlines) at JHB International prior to our departure.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Microstock Sites – Money For Photographers

People often ask me who I suggest in terms of micro-stock agencies, or who to supply their images to, if they want to make a buck on the side, so I put together this list. Yes, if you sign up through these I’ll get a couple of pennies every time you buy or sell, but that comes from the agent’s commission, not yours. I suggest you sign up for all of them, because you just can’t predict where your stuff will do well, but Shutterstock is definitely one of the first, and a close second is istock, but they’ve got pretty steep acceptance requirements. The rest are all pretty cool to get in with, you just sign up and sell. However, the most movement is on Shutterstock and istock, with Dreamstime and Fotolia short on their heels. Crestock, 123RF and BigStockPhoto are slower, but great for cutting your teeth and getting an online portfolio established.

All the agencies work on a non-exclusive model (although exclusivity is available), where it allows you to upload the same image to different sites. However, if you go exclusive (Dreamstime allows you to submit individual images exclusively instead of your whole portfolio), you are not allowed to submit to any other sites, anywhere. If they find you do, you’ll be blackballed, and most probably by all of the agencies. If you have some great travel images, or great images shot with a decent camera (normally bigger than 4mp – but DSLR recommended), give it a shot (no pun intended). 

So herewith my selection. There are more out there, but in my experience, these are the only ones worth trying for now.



I highly recommend trying to get in here. It is the largest online agency in the world, and probably the most sales due to it’s subscription model. Your royalty is not much, US25c per regular download, and the odd extended license can go up to US$28, which is not bad. The key here is good images, and lots. If you’re into video or audio or vectors, you can also submit here.



Lots of movement, good commissions. Sign up for the partner program for each image, it can increase your sales nicely. Probably the best known agency in the industry. You need to pass a tutorial first, but after that it’s good fun. Uploads are slower though, with a very thorough key-wording process. If you’re into video or audio or vectors, you can also submit here.



or signup at and supply my Referral ID: res1519312

After the above two, the most profitable. Demanding model release requirements, but if you please them, all agencies will be happy. Also, they have a fabulously interactive community via the blogs that you can post and very active forums. If you’re into video or audio or vectors, you can also submit here.



Some of the bigwigs from istock now find them here. A very slick operation and I believe this is probably the next very big one. You have to be here as well. If you’re into video or audio or vectors, you can also submit here. 
Mojito Rum cocktail on white background in highball tumbler. photo


A very cool up and coming agency. Very easy signup procedure. No nonsense, great interface.



A very slick sight. Currently approval takes a while, but a very neat selection of images. It’s a great part of one’s mix.



Recently acquired by Shutterstock, this site will grow tremendously still. Shutterstock is spending big money here.


© All images: Danie Nel Photography cc/ta – all the images above are also available through my own portal.

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