Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative Corporate Portraiture SANLAM ITAR

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On a number of occasions I have blogged on the importance of good corporate portrait work, and with my good friends at we were able to do a really cool project for the IT division of Sanlam. For their annual report they wanted to showcase the executives doing what they do for fun, to be able to show another side of the top brass. AS this is an internal publication, a personal touch was needed and we were called upon to get images with some character, and fun.

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From a  insect photographer and bug enthusiast, to a MBA enthusiast (you get all types), someone who likes walking her dog, a Biggest Loser-contestant, traveller and mom.

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Locations included a number of shots at Sanlam HQ, Vasco da Gama FC, back-roads of Durbanville, Kenridge Dam, Plattekloof Planet Fitness, Bellville Golf Club, suburbs, etc etc. As I’ve said before, with a bit of effort you professional photo profile can be elevated from the mundane to something really special.


Apart from doing the normal formal thing, I highly advise getting some looser images also for the demand of social media and more lifestyle editorial spread that is being used in corporate marketing these days.

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And dont’ forget how important your Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, TED, etc etc profiles are these days. If not moreso than print, these images will be fixing the public perception of your brand and personality.

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On average we had about 15minutes with each person, so lots of time is not needed. If you have a team of 10 people, once can get a lot done in a relatively small amount of time, especially with good planning.


Biggest challenge – individuals not realising that by being difficult and unco-operative about pictures it badly influences the final outcome. Biggest reward – individuals that although nervous, played along and we got great images of them.

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We shot from very early morning to late afternoon, 6 am Saturday morning and the like, but in the end it’s worth it.


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