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Of Soccer, Vuvuzelas, Gees and FIFA.

"Gees" is the Afrikaans word for "Spirit". Here in South Africa, we use it to denote any type of good vibe as well. And the FIFA Soccer World Cup has been filled with "Gees" here. Ok, so our boyz were knocked out, but we're still mighty proud of them, especially for taking out France. The Vuvuzela has been quite a contentious issue, yet, it set apart this World Cup in itself. It should be noted, that those who has blown a Vuvuzela, will suddenly feel the urge to do so more and more and stop complaining about it. And yes, it has only been in SA since 2001, but just because it's here less than 9 years, doesn't make it less indigenous. Our cities have all been turned into veritable party zones with busses full of Brits, Hondurations (?)/Hondudes (?), Germans, Dutch, Japanese, etc etc etc filling our streets with hordes of Vuvu-blowing and smiling clowns dressed in all types of international parephernalia. ...and for business and culture and &q…

Shooting Anton Fabi Shoes Compaign

We got the great opportunity to shoot another campaing for the good people at Jordan shoes, the people who we shot the Bronx Hunter campaign for, with agency, Traffic Integrated Marketing. This time around, we weren’t gonna be hanging from high-rise buildings, or really risking our lives, but rather, the concept was one of “Shoes that makes you famous”. The agency came up with the idea of putting cut-out card-board (life-size) paparazzi photographers and a cut-out muscle car in the shots and creating a pseudo red-carpet scene in a normal urban set-up. The location was chosen as The Bromwell Boutique Mall in Woodstock, who by the ways, makes a mean mushroom sandwich.The weather was a bit wet, but we had some cover thanx to the nice people at the Bromwell, and at just the right times the weather lit up. Also, it made the background lighting nice and moody, giving us a bit of a New York feel. Most important accessory of the day – sandbags. The wind tends to blow little cut-out men over. …

Lotus Evora for Wiel

So for the first time in a long while Lotus brought out a new designed vehicle, called the “Evora”, which to my ears sounds like a Bond-girl, but anyways, we were asked by the team at to take the pics for this spread. Location was Franschhoek pass. Now, I’m not much of a petrol-head, but can I say, this has to be one of the prettiest darn sports cars I have seen ever. It’s small, and you’ll see how small, but pretty. I’m not too fussed about the performance, or the fact that it has a Toyota Camry 3.0 engine (yes, a bit weird), but I’m certain it’ll outrun any car I’ve ever owned and it looks mega-cool. However, when it came to shooting the interior, I faced a small problem. The back seat, where I normally shoot from, is ridiculously small. So small that we ended up shooting a video of it. In fact, I cannot get the front seat in the upright position if I’m in the back. It turns out that anyone under 1.4m (that excludes what, pigmies and children) are liable for their ow…


We swore we wouldn’t, but we couldn’t help ourselves. First, I succumbed to mass enthusiasm after Bafana Bafana’s 11th win in a row and attached a South African flag to the interior of my car. Then Philip and myself felt it necessary to make our support public. Herewith our support. I have to mention we did find it hard not to mention FIFA, World Cup or any other trademarked word in the English vocabulary to use in conjunction with my logo etc in the video, lest I be sued into oblivion by Feeeeefa. But we got it right. I think' we’ll be suit-safe. Go boys, make us proud.